Mentioned in the Grey Lady

I think I need to start this post by admitting that I’m slightly vain. I subscribe to a Google Alert that tracks my name, just so I know if I get mentioned or linked someplace out there on the internet. When you write as much online as I do, you never know where a link might pop up. However, I was totally unprepared for the link that showed up today.

It seems that Mike Nizza, New York Times blogger, reads Slashfood (or was just searching for Pancake Day posts). He quoted something I wrote earlier today about how the International House of Pancakes was moving Pancake Day so that it wouldn’t collide with Super Tuesday. Of course, today is Pancake Day because it is the last day before Lent starts and so pancakes are eaten as a final hurrah before giving up foods for the duration. So it is in opposition with the original intent of the holiday to move it back a week.

It was something of a thrill to see my name on a New York Times page!

4 thoughts on “Mentioned in the Grey Lady

  1. Mike Nizza

    Hey Marisa,

    To confirm: I read Slashfood all the time, and I love it. Especially the posts that deign to question IHOP’s authority over American pancake policy.

    Best, Mike


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