Yoga class

Last week, I bought a two-week trial membership at a local yoga studio, just to check things out.  I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to be taking yoga classes, but I always was able to find an excuse that kept me away (not enough money, not enough time, the studio is intimidating, it’s not what I’m looking for right now).  I took yoga for several years during high school and for a semester in college, in order to eke out the single last credit that I needed to graduate.

Thanks to an informal buddy system I’ve set up with Roz, I’ve now gone to class three times in the last week.  It’s ranged from fairly doable (my body remembered more than my mind did) to seriously challenging.  I went to a class tonight that was tough.  My the pessimistic side of my brain kept talking at me, saying things like, “What are you doing here?” and “Do you realize you’re the worst in the room?”  But I kept at it, and at the end of the hour and a half, I realized that I had made it and that I hadn’t done too terribly bad.  My body is exhausted now, in that buzzing, exerted sort of way.  Despite that, I feel great, just for having done it.

4 thoughts on “Yoga class

  1. roz

    i am having so much fun going to class with you! i am up for going as often as you want.. in fact, i brought clothes to go TONIGHT!

  2. julie

    I want to go! I need it and I would be worse at it than either of you so you could feel very good about yourselves in comparison to me. Well, I don’t know how Roz is at yoga, but the way that you describe your experience, Marisa, is just the same way that I feel when I do yoga but it always makes me feel better for having done it. When do you go?

  3. RyanInPhilly

    good for you. i tried a yoga class at Sweat once and really walked away feeling funked out. i had a headache and my back muscles felt like gelatin. i was not built for stretching, but go you 🙂


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