Mental droughts and random updates

I am in something of a personal blogging drought.  I feel like I’ve lost all ability to write interestingly or with any sort of meaning.  I have moments where I think a blog post might just be flickering through, but then the light dims and I can’t make out even the outline of idea.  So, in lieu, some random updates.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from my sister.  The subject line was, “My new house!”  Inside the email were pictures of Raina sitting in a pale pink Volkswagon van, grinning broadly (this has been the car of her dreams for some time).  My mother wrote back saying, “I’m so proud?”

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted several of the essays from my thesis to a literary agent.  She responded yesterday, saying that she had enjoyed reading them and thought I had a strong and appealing voice.  While she didn’t think she could represent me, it was the nicest and most complimentary denial I’ve ever received in my life.

This week has moved so fast that I am feeling a little dizzy with the fact that tomorrow is Friday.  In fact, I am agog that it is already May (and that my birthday is in two weeks), boggled that Scott and I have been dating for five months (and living together officially for one month) and that I am heading into my seventh summer in Philly.

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