Who knew a washing machine could make me giddy?

I just needed to take a moment and gush about the new washer/dryer. So far, it’s amazing. I have to admit that I was a little concerned that the convenience of having more space in the kitchen would be offset by the fact that it was going to be a fussy appliance, but it was a gamble we decided to take. And as of yet, the risk seems to be paying off. Many of the reviews talked about issues with drying, and how everything would come out wrinkled. So far, no problems on that front.

Another thing I was concerned about was the duration of the cycle. In the online reviews, people complained about the length of time it would take to do a single load. While it is true that it’s a slightly longer cycle than a traditional washer and dryer would require, it fits into my laundry habits perfectly. You see, since I started working a block and a half away, I would often start a load of laundry in the morning and then come home at lunch to switch that load to the dryer and start another load in the washing machine. Now, I can start the machine in the morning and when I get home at lunch time, it is totally done. If need be, I can start another load then, which will be done when I get home from work. I did this today, as I had something of a laundry backlog because I didn’t get around to catching up with the pile before they took the old machines away last Sunday and then we added to the basket over the last few days.

I feel a bit like a 1950’s housewife, getting so excited over a new washing machine, but let me tell you, this thing is awesome. The giddiness I feel is totally warranted.

2 thoughts on “Who knew a washing machine could make me giddy?

  1. Leah

    Oh that’s so fun. I get excited about household appliances too. I wish I could get a new washer & dryer…but have bigger priorities at the moment. Like re-building the deck. *sigh*

  2. Guamaniac

    Congrats on the new w/d combo! It really is pretty cool technology. And I bet your energy use has plummeted since you got it!

    If I lived 1.5 blocks away from home (or 12 minutes as Blankbaby is quick to point out for his own commute), I would have so much more free time to…

    …oh who am I kidding…I’d just use funnel the “found” time towards my Workahol addiction.


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