Traveling and heading home

Marisa and Liz
For the last week, I’ve been away, out of my normal routine and spending as little time around the computer as was possible. I spent the first half of the week hanging out in Los Angeles and the second half in Las Vegas with Scott. Since last Saturday, I’ve been on three airplanes (with still two more to go), seen 14 members of my extended family, met two food bloggers, participated in a Jazzercise class taught by Andrea, lost about $40 to the slot machines of Vegas, been to Hoover Dam and gotten one very luxurious massage.

I also learned that despite my Jewish mother and her Japanese one, my cousin Liz and I look shockingly alike. Those McClellan genes are strong.

I’ll write more about the trip when I get back to Philly, but I just wanted to check in with the blog and say hi.

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