Fork You Live and Raina Rose

Raina and her banjo
I’m probably far too late in posting this, but for those of you who are still reading this mostly-neglected website, I’ve got a couple events happening this weekend for your consideration.

This Saturday at 2 pm, Fork You Live returns (after a two-month hiatus) to Foster’s Homeware (399 Market Street). We’ll be making apricot-glazed chicken wings, a big pear and fennel salad and baked apples. I’m excited about all this lovely fall food, although Scott isn’t a fan as he doesn’t particularly like chicken on the bone, fennel or fruit. However, I promise that it will be delicious and we’ll see, maybe I’ll make a convert out of him yet.

On Sunday, my favorite curly-haired, rock star sister, Raina Rose, rolls into Philadelphia (along with the very talented John Elliott). They’ll be playing a show at 7 pm on Sunday in the chapel at the Church (2125 Chestnut Street, side entrance). Tickets are $10 at the door and all proceeds go to ensuring that two talented musicians are able to eat and pay for gasoline.

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