My third presidential election

Today, I cast a ballot in a presidential election for the third time in my life. I was 21 in 2000 and so voted via absentee ballot from college for Al Gore. I remember the feeling of nausea when I had to eventually go to bed that election night without knowing who was going to be the president. The nausea stayed with me for all the days that it took to determine that George W. Bush was going to be president.

Today is election day

When I voted in 2004, I had high hopes that John Kerry would pull out a victory but I was disappointed once again.

My ballot

After eight years of inept leadership, I am so absolutely delighted that my candidate has finally won an election. I feel like this outcome has given me back the right to be hopeful for a brighter, kinder future. May wisdom, compassion and love guide President Obama through the next eight years.

2 thoughts on “My third presidential election

  1. iconjohn

    I’ll always remember 2000 election night as flying off to Vienna as the polls were closing. My first greeting was that Bush had one, but the rest of the week was crazy with Florida count. the rest is (bad) history.


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