Chefame Chefayou!

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Several months ago, some of our friends started a new project called Chefame (pronounced chef-a-me, don’t be like me and pronounce it chef-fame for months like I did. I felt a little silly when I finally figured it out). The gist of the project is that they gather up amateur cooks with skills (or real chefs on their nights off), take over a restaurant kitchen on a quiet evening and throw a big, old dinner party. It’s sort of like the supper clubs that have been sweeping New York, but with a unique Philly twist.

chefame amuse bouche

Scott and I went for the first time on Monday evening (it was the third Chefame). The event was held upstairs at the Dark Horse on Headhouse Square. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived, but happily, my favorite wine expert was there, with his wife and some friends of theirs, so we sat with them at a long table in the corner by the window. Over the course of three hours, we ate seven courses and talked about everything from cameras (David and I were both sporting our Nikons) to reality TV to whether or not I should cook for a Chefame at some point in the future (all signs point to probably).

chefame first course

The food ranged from pretty darn good to seriously amazing and I recommend that you Philly folks go to one of these if you have a chance. They’re fairly inexpensive for large meals, this one was just $35 for those seven courses. Drinks are not included, but the bar offered a handful of very reasonable booze deals.

chefame second course
chefame third course
chefame fourth course
chefame fifth course
chefame sixth course

5 thoughts on “Chefame Chefayou!

  1. Holly

    Your photos look incredible, and I love this idea. I’m taking the husband to the next one as a birthday dinner and I’ve already called him twice, saying “omygod omygod this looks so delicious and like so much fun.”

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