I saw all that love

Most mornings, Scott and I leave for work together. We’ve developed a nice little rhythm, in which we ride the elevator down, walk about the back door and then kiss good-bye at the corner of 19th and Ludlow. This morning was no different, although we overslept (I turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze) and so were running a bit later than normal.

We kissed and parted, Scott heading north to the Comcast building, while I crossed 19th Street and continued down Ludlow. As I was stepping onto the curb on the other side of the street, I noticed that my path was going to intersect that of an older man. I slowed to let him pass, and as I did, he said, “I saw all that love. It’s a good thing.”

He said this while walking, a big, happy smile on his face. By the time I could rattle my brain into speech mode, he was gone. I walked to work, grinning myself, marveling at how a stranger’s comment could turn our mundane, routine little kiss into something joyful and special.

4 thoughts on “I saw all that love

  1. kateykakes

    My son just graduated HS (Upper Darby) and he’s been torn between what he wants to do, and they’re both in the total opposite direction. He wants to be a Police Officer so bad but he aslo wants to to to the Restaurant School in Philadelphia because cooking is his passion.

    Any advice for him? I will definitely pass it along.

    As a parent, I told him to go with his heart and it will all work out.

    Just looking for some feedback.

    Thanks much.



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