Garden Update

my 1st zucchini

My garden has been in the ground for just about a month now, and it’s really starting to catch up with the other plots around me. I’ve got one little zucchini and bunches of flowers that make me hopeful for many more. The cucumbers are taking over and are blooming with such vigor that I’m feeling so grateful that I planted the pickling kind. The tomatoes are starting to set and my basil continues to put out so many fragrant leaves. I am delighted.

cucumber flowers
pattypans, finally starting to grow

3 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Lelo

    Your garden looks really really healthy. I am lamenting not having planted cucumbers, but I looked it up and I have until July 15th here in Portland to get cucumber starts into the ground. Phew!

    I look forward to hearing what you’ll be doing with all of that zucchini. I have 5 plants of it and know they’ll soon be growing out of my ears. 🙂

  2. Colin Devroe

    Glad to see you’re having success. Our garden is progressing, albeit slowly due to the rain, but it appears that you’re only slightly ahead of us. Congrats on the cukes!

  3. sara girlscantell

    yay! it looks fabulous!
    i’ll sheepishly admit that we never did much with our plot this year. as a first time backyard-haver, that’s been filling my hands-in-dirt cravings, without much effort or energy leftover for bouvier.

    seeing all the other well-tended plots is inspiring me to figure out some late-start way to take advantage of the space for fall – flowers, perhaps?


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