72 | 365

72 | 365

Saturday morning, I woke up, glanced at the clock and saw that it read 8:15 am. I had that rush of adrenaline that shoots through you when you realize you’re running late and need to have been in the shower ten minutes ago. And then. I realized it was the weekend. Joy.

I snuggled back down for another 45 minutes, before getting up to head out to Mood’s Farm Market to pick blackberries with Shay. After filling our bins, we sat in the shade for nearly an hour, delighting in the breeze and the dappled effect that the overhead leaves gave the sunshine.

When I got home, I cobbled together some enormously delicious breakfast burritos (despite the fact that we were on the far side of lunchtime). I really couldn’t ask for a better Saturday than that.

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