208 | 365

208 | 365

Last week, I made the transition from working a full, 40-hour week at my job to a part-time schedule. It was my choice to do this and I am completely delighted by the change. I did it to have a bit more time to work on my book and this food writing career that I’ve been cultivating for nearly five years now.

Already, I’m learning that I have to be incredibly organized with my time and treat the weekday time I spend at home as a gift, not to be squandered. However, I have been indulging in a just slightly extended coffee time in the morning. I’ve pulled my red-handled Bialetti coffee pot down from a high shelf and have been crafting homemade lattes for myself. I so enjoy being able to drink them from a real mug, as opposed to slopping them into a travel mug and guzzling them on the go.

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