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288 | 365

For some reason, I seem to have a habit of starting things on or around February 25. Nine years ago, I started my first job in Philadelphia on this day. Back then my grandmother was still alive. I’d been in this city for all of five weeks. I was about to take possession of a little apartment at 23rd and Spruce Streets. So much lay ahead of me.

Six years ago, February 25 was the day after I started this blog. I had no idea the ways that choice would change my life, but wow, did it ever. It was through blogging that I found a calling. I started creating myself as a writer on these digital pages and took my first, tentative steps towards a life as someone who writes about food. Six months later, I went to my first blogger meet-up and met the guy who would become my husband (as well as many of my dearest friends).

On February 25, 2008, I started my current job. It’s been an up and down journey, but I’m grateful for the ride and all the opportunities that have come from it.

Two years ago, February 25 was the date when I committed to making a success of Food in Jars. That site has grown beyond my most outlandish expectations and continues to bring wonderful things into my life.

Here’s hoping that February 25 continues to bring many good things into my life.

(And happy birthday, Cousin Angie!)


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