I have not been feeling the Christmas vibe. I think that a large part of it is that I spend so much of my time alone in the apartment now (one of the workplace hazards of freelance life), so I’m somewhat sheltered from the holiday hubbub that’s happening out there.

There’s another part to it, though. This year has sped by at such lightning speed that I can’t really grasp the reality that it’s time for trees, tinsel and gifts. It’s as if my heart and soul are still somewhere in September, despite the fact my body is presently in December. The balmy weather we’ve been having isn’t helping me feel like winter is here.

So today, I went outside in the middle of the day and walked myself to Rittenhouse Square. I stood there in the shadow of the giant Christmas tree and tried to turn on my holiday spirit. Looking at the lights, I could feel something start to shift. I came home and worked to the strains of A Charlie Brown Christmas. And tonight, we set up our teeny, tiny (fake) tree.

I might find my holiday spirit even yet.

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  1. marlon

    When I wasn’t working (and it was during this time of year), I made a point to get outside *every* day. I know it’s different when you’re working from home – you still have work to do – but the feeling of isolation is the same. Maybe taking a walk through the Square and checking out the holiday decorations throughout the city will help nurture your holiday spirit.


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