on the way to carrot soup (283)

We haven’t had much of a winter this year. There’s been a few cold days, but none of those long, frigid streaks that send you scurrying from one warm berth to another. Because of that, I haven’t made much soup this year. In a normal winter, I make a pot a week. This year, it’s been more like a pot a month.

Though today wasn’t particularly cold, I’ve been craving a bowl of carrot soup. There’s not much to it. Chop up an onion and some carrots (2-3 pounds is a good amount for two people plus leftovers). Saute them in a tablespoon or so of butter, olive oil, coconut oil or some leftover bacon fat. Once they start to brown, add enough stock or water to cover. Cook until carrots are soft. Puree in whatever way is easiest in your kitchen.

Top with a bit of cheese, a few shreds of ham or some crumbled crackers. Eat and be happy.

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