This morning’s breakfast. Eggs in a basket were one of the very first things I learned to cook when I was a kid. Twenty-five years later, I still enjoy them. Of course, the very best part is the circle of bread cut out from the center of the slice. I always cook it along side the eggy bread, making sure that it gets its fair share of butter. Topped with a hunk of tomato, it’s magical.

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  1. anno

    This looks like one of my favorite breakfasts as well …. although if I had the time (and a handful of my neighbor’s organic greens) I’d be tempted to put it all on a bed of sauteed spinach as well, and maybe top it off with some feta cheese to boot. Kind of wish I had some right now, with a thick slice of warm toast tossed with not-too-sweet homemade jam.

    Also. Because I tend to lurk around here without saying much, I know you’ve been wondering whether to continue this project, and I just want to wave my hand and say, oh, I hope you do — I always enjoy seeing what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Plus, it always looks like you’re having a good time here … seems to me that’s worth a lot.


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