January 13

January 13

Yesterday, after breakfast with my sister and nephew, I picked up a rental car and drove three hours to Houston. I went to visit my dear friend Ingrid and her family. I’d not seen Ingrid since she got married nearly three years ago and she’s moved, changed her work situation, and had a baby in the intervening time.

We met at the Unitarian church in very early 2003 and became friends instantly. Truly, it was one of those rare instances where we went from being strangers to dear friends. There was no period of acquaintanceship or even much getting to know you. Just immediate friendship.

Even now, we can get together and pick back up as if no time at all had passed. I pulled up in front of her house and we started to talk and other than the hours while we were sleeping, the conversation never stopped. The little munchkin wearing the pink giraffe suit above is her sweet 18-month-old daughter Eliza.

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