On a Crazy Book Tour

on the road

I think about this blog a lot, but I just never manage to get over here. That photo project I started in January became impossible to maintain. At first, it got boring because my wintertime life is so quiet and contained. Then things picked up speed and while my daily life became more interesting (and intense), it became increasing hard to remember to bring the camera along to capture those moments.

So we fast forward three months and I find myself sitting in a relatively swank hotel room in Atlanta, trying to soak up as much possible wifi (because I paid $18.95 for the privilege of getting online) before I have to dash downstairs and check out.

I’m here because I’m on a book tour to promote my new cookbook (if you follow my behemoth blog, you’re well aware of the goings on). Last night I talked to a crowd of 150 people, which was intensely surreal and so much fun. I cracked jokes about botulism and signed more than 100 books. It was a really good night.

More soon. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “On a Crazy Book Tour

  1. Candace

    Nice to see you here. : ) Over one hundred signed books means more than 100 sold. Congratulations! I am ever hopeful that you will find time to blog here regularly. Safe travels, safe home again.


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