January 8

It is brutally cold outside. According to my phone, it is currently 18°F and it will drop down to 16°F before the day is done. I ventured out earlier today to meet a friend and pick up a few groceries wearing my second heaviest coat (the very heaviest one is hard wear while walking) and have no intention of setting foot outside again today.

I am drinking hot, milky tea, have put on a heavy, army green wool sweater that has been with me since college, and have even turned the heat on for a little while (the heat that drifts in from our hallways is often enough to keep the apartment comfortable).

I feel intensely grateful for the tea, the sweater, the heat, and while we’re at it, the cozy home. May we all be so lucky.

3 thoughts on “18°F

  1. Rita

    What a surprise to see another post ! I live in Fargo ND and we have a temp at this time of 5 degrees and and a low tonight of -9. We are also experiencing high winds which is creating blizzard conditions. Stayed in all day drank chai tea and read – nice and cozy !

  2. Candace

    Another post!!!
    The weather is different this year. I am on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado and it was almost 50 today and calls for the same again tomorrow. We are certainly enjoying it! We have been able to walk outside everyday except one so far this season which is unheard of in Dec. and Jan.
    I cannot imagine living somewhere that the warm air in the hall is enough to warm an apartment.
    Stay warm.


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