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I just discovered a feature in my feed reader (Feedly, if you’re curious) that let me sort my various RSS subscriptions by how recently they’d been updated. As I scanneds through the list, I was horrified to realize that it has been more than seven months since I posted here. I’ve started and abandoned a few posts more recently, but I last posted in early January. I don’t think I’ve ever let this site go fallow for quite so long.

The other thing that I found striking as I scanned through the list of blogs that had gone dark was how many of them were my blogging people. The folks I discovered when I was just getting started and with whom I struck up real friendships. I miss those early days of blogging, when you didn’t need perfect pictures and a post didn’t require a vigorous social media campaign in order to find some readers.

It makes me sad.

I can’t imagine that there are that many people reading this blog (since it’s been inactive for most of 2017), but here are a few quick updates. I’m working on my 4th cookbook. I’ve become a morning workout person (this took quite a lot mental energy at the start, but is working out well now). Scott and I are still living in Apartment 2024, though we are ramping up our house hunting efforts. We recently spent two weeks out on the west coast, celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday and hanging out with my family. It was lovely.

11 thoughts on “Updates and Musings

  1. Susan

    I’m reading (thank goodness for my reader–feedbin.me–which alerts me to a new post. (And I hear you: I miss Ye Olde Bloggy Dayes too)

  2. Rita

    How very exciting to check and see a new post on apt 2024! I check often and recently had pretty much given up. So thank you, thank you ! This is one of my very favorite blogs. I also love your other Food in Jars, but just something about this one that makes me happy.

  3. Melissa

    I’m always happy to find you in my feed (Bloglovin)! I haven’t been writing for nearly as long as you but have also found some sadness in the blogs that have gone dark in my short time blogging. The social media game is a thing and I so miss the real connections that used to be formed via outlets such as yours. I’m glad to hear you’re healthy, happy, and keeping busy 🙂 Congrats on your fourth book!


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