Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday night I went to the Art Museum with Lara and Ken to see the Dali exhibit. Dali has never been my favorite artist, I’m just not so much into that whole surrealist thing. Symbolism isn’t my thing, it tends to make me overthink, and then I don’t get it, because I’m straining my brain to figure out what they really meant, when it was actually pretty obvious. Although I don’t think Dali is ever obvious. But having seen the show, I’ve realized what an incredible, masterful artist he was. Really gifted!
Saturday was beautiful here, a little warmish with the sun making a much needed appearance in the sky. Cindy and I went to three thrift stores and the Italian Market. Our third stop was an enormous emporium of used crap at Broad and Girard that shows Bible videos on four tvs mounted in the middle of the store. Their prices for a sweater range from $.85 to $7.95 (it’s very random). I called my mom while waiting for Cindy to check out and it turns out that she used to go to that thrift store 35 years ago. That’s why I love living in Philly, the sense of familial continunity that resounds for me.
Sunday was an all-day Subud gathering at Simone and Bob’s house. I had been dreading devoting my whole day to it, but it turned out to be a really wonderful day.
Okay, it’s time to get to work!

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