I'm right here!

Lately I’ve been feeling lost. Everything is hard to do and accomplish. What I know about the universe is that it isn’t supposed to be impossible. Challenging, but not impossible. We are supposed to be able to let go, tell the universe that that we are here, need help and receive it. But as much as I ask, I don’t feel like I’m getting much. Is this what I arranged for this lifetime? Because I’m tired of it, I want some answers!

Okay, enough whining.

Tonight I went to a Program Council meeting at church, the first meeting we’ve had since the ministers were compelled to resign and confronted the difficult reality that while they have two more months of employment, they have absolutely checked out. They are evasive about what kind of advise they’ll give us and are generally being a pain in the butt. It will be an interesting next couple of years, with this transition.

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  1. Devon

    OMG, the ministers resigned! Shhesh! it was about time. i have to get the whole story. Marisa, I am so glad you have this. It is so nice to be able to check up on how you are doing.
    I wanted to respond to what you said about feeling lost and asking for what you want. I have felt lost before, I had a few years of feeling lost in darkness. This is all part of living and being alive. You have asked for what you want and now your job is to learn to deal with what is presented to you. you have made your wishes known. God is on a different schedule. Sometimes the lesson that we are here to learn is to be present through what is uncomfortable and learn how to live through it. I have found that the terrible things in my life have made me a stronger more compassionate human being. The only that is garanteed is change, you will move from this place in due time, when you have learned from it all you need to.

    Just my two cents. a big hug and a shoulder if you feel the burden is too heavy to carry on your own and you need someone to share your load.


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