I've got a new gig…

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life. When you are in school, the path is prescribed, you know where you’re going (even if it’s just getting to graduation day) and how to get there. But once school is over, and if you’re like me and didn’t want to go straight to grad school, you are booted out into the cold world, with 877 choices and few mechanisms to help you narrow down the field.

I’ve always known that I like to talk and lead, but how do you make a career out that, especially in your early twenties?

Well folks, looks like I’ve gotten my start. At 2:16 today, I sent off my application to be a part time trainer and consultant with the Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Association. By 3:31, I was hired. I’m pretty darn thrilled about it too, because it will allow me to combine all the things I’m good at: talking to people and in front of groups, working to build young adult communities and helping solve problems. I (with the help of the talented Cindy) wrote a pretty terrific application. Here’s my favorite answer:

3. What identities do you claim? How do those identities impact your training and workshop facilitation?

I’ve grown up culturally Jewish, but religiously Unitarian. Having had with these faiths in my life has given me great respect for spiritual and religious diversity and how vital it is to a vibrant community. I’m a white woman who grew up in Los Angeles, Portland, OR and Walla Walla, WA but who happens to live in Philadelphia these days. Having lived on both coasts, I can speak the laid-back language of the west while still understanding the intensity and drive of the east. Living in Philly has also given me the opportunity to occasionally be in the racial minority, an experience that can be both uncomfortable and deeply valuable.

Over the last three years I’ve worked hard to become a runner, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate how running has improved my physical and mental endurance and has helped me to learn to push myself further than I thought I’d be able to go. I’m a democrat and a devotee of Subaru station wagons covered in bumper stickers. I am a social connector, a friend, a daughter, a listener, a laugher, a music lover, a liberal, a nurturer, a reader and a budding guitar player.

My experiences and background enrich my interactions with every person I meet. As a listener I can hear what my audience needs and adjust to fit. As a liberal I am open to opinions different than my own. Being a natural friend and nurturer helps me connect with people and express compassion for their situations. Being a laugher keeps things fun and light when it’s appropriate.

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