Faces and dreams

Last night, in the moments before my exhaustion took me down into sleep, I felt like I was surrounded by faces. I had seen so many that night, people who had been my world and my community for years and my brain chose to process them montage-style in the seconds before sleep. When I was in college I would go back to Portland on breaks and feel like I was seeing people I recognized on the street, only to then realize that they were actually strangers. Here, it works in the opposite. I see someone I think I recognize, and they actually are that person.

My dreams were fueled by the reunion. I dreamt that I was walking up and down paths, looking for someone who was supposed to be there. I was talking to someone when I realized he had been the object of a crush, at which point I could no longer talk. Except, with the weirdness of dreams, he was actually someone I had never met at all.

Andrea just rolled over and said that she dreamt that I had decided to go back to Portland today and leave her here by herself. She said that she woke up a little annoyed at me until she could process and remember that it was just a dream.

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  1. Luna

    I often have vivid dreams like that, where I wake up almost saying “but i know that person” only to realize i don’t.

    And that’s when swoon.com comes in…
    (i guess i want to figure out what my brain is trying to say)


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