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I started out the day craving Combos (the pretzel ones, filled with cheese) and settled for Chex Mix instead. After eating that I felt sick, and yet wanted pumpkin pie or some other sweet, squashy thing. I had teriyaki chicken for lunch (not exactly a sweet, squashy thing, but the food trunks just don’t sell things made with pumpkin or butternut squash). After lunch, that craving receeded, and slipped my mind totally until just now when I saw this over at 101 Cookbooks. I want it.

Speaking of food, a long time ago, someone requested that I post my recipe for lemon-honey salad dressing. I never did, not because I wasn’t up for sharing, but really because there just wasn’t much of a recipe. I watered down a couple of tablespoons of honey with some warm water and then added the juice and zest (please, do yourself a favor and get a microplane for zesting. It will make your life better) from three lemons. It needed a little more kick, so I added some apple cider vinegar until it was tangy and then whisked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until it was the right consistency. A sprinkle of kosher salt and several turns of a pepper grinder set on it’s corsest grind and it was done. It was so good with romaine and goat cheese, but would be even better with butter lettuce. Best stored in a small ball jar with a tight lid so you can shake it vigorously without fear of splatter. (I know I sound like I know what I’m doing, but don’t be fooled, I make it all up as I go along).

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  1. MoDad

    What an interesting recipe, and so well described. You haven’t yet sent me an outline for your pot luck book. If it has a section of recipes, it is certainly clear to me that they will be understandable and appetisizing.


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