Sundry Mumbles

I just walked across campus to pick up the mail, and as I walked, paragraphs of blog entries and book chapters fell fully formed into my consciousness. Of course I had nothing to write with and no time to sit and write anyway. And now that I’m back at my desk, with notebook splayed open and pen in hand, they have vanished, like someone blew out the candle that was lending them a little illumination, and I have no matches, no lighter, no gas stove or sticks to rub together with which to relight it.

I’m finding it relatively impossible to keep my brain functioning for the 8+ hours I spend sitting at my desk. How do other people do it? Or is everyone else slumping in their adjustable desk chairs, staring glassy-eyed at their computer monitors, trying to figure out where their creativity went?

I cut my fingernails this morning, and have spent the day unable to scratch an itches. And I picked today to wear wool. It took me a full two minutes to remove the sticker from the apple I ate at 2:30 pm.

Tonight I’m going with a group of 10 women to see Eve Ensler’s new show, The Good Body. I hoping to be inspired.

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  1. aasmodeus


    Hi I’m back. How do I stay alert at work? Frequent mini-breaks. Your body is not designed to stay alert for 8 hours on end, without moving the blood.

    You can try the airplane yoga, or driving long distances exercises (I’m sure examples of both are on the internet somewhere) but the general idea is the same: get your blood flowing to the appropriate parts of your body.

    Especially your legs, which is why it’s nice (and good) to get up and stretch every hour or so, perhaps walk down the hallway and back two or three times, breathing deeply all the while. It’ll help clear your mind, and your body, at the same time.


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