Verbose but in the end, boring

I just spent the last half hour on the phone with my friend Cindy, trying to figure out what to do tonight. After 30 minutes of talking, where we proposed and rejected dinner at Kami Sushi, movies at the Bridge, movies in Manayunk, movies at the Roxy, drinks and dinner at the North Star, dinner at Standard Tap, checking out Grace Tavern or getting Indian food at a buffet in West Philly. After all that, we came to the conclusion that neither of us actually wanted to go out, which is why nothing sounded appealing. Yep, we are really just that boring.

0 thoughts on “Verbose but in the end, boring

  1. Scott

    Hey! There is nothing wrong with staying home on a Saturday night.. in fact I am doing the very same thing.

    If things get really wild I might even do some laundry!

  2. Sandra

    Seeing as I’m married w/ 2 children, if I “go out” on a Saturday I’m living it up! LOL I do remember those single days though and I would spend entire weekends and not go anywhere and just veg on my sofa.


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