Random Friday–The snowy day edition

It’s Friday, which means that I spend some time sending my iPod into shuffle mode to see what comes out. I then post the first ten songs here, no exceptions, no deletions, no excuses. Let’s see what the pod spits out today…

1. Blue, Lucinda Willians (Essence)
2. Mary, Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstacy)
3. Ted’s Waltz, Beth Orton (Daybreaker)
4. Julia, Chocolate Genius (I Am Sam)
5. Message in a Bottle, John Mayer (Any Given Thursday)
6. Charleston, Django Reinhardt (Django)
7. Linger, Jonatha Brook (Steady Pull)
8. The Rhyme Intervention featuring 4th Pyramid, C-Rayz Walz (Paste Sampler)
9. Hold On, Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstacy)
10. Tender Mercies, Eliza Gilkyson (Mississippi Studios Live)

and the bonus track, because in the world of random shuffle, it isn’t nearly random enough…

11. Entertainment is My Business, Country Joe McDonald (Mississippi Studios Live)

Favorite Song: Hold On by Sarah McLachlan. I’m a girl, and so I love this woman. I think it’s part of the code. I’ve seen her in concert a couple of times. The first time was back in 1998 at the Lilith Fair kick off that year, which happened to be in Portland, OR (at Civic Stadium, which is now called PGE Park. I hate corporate sponsorship renaming). That was a fun day. I had bought a ticket for my sister, but the week before she had gotten a job at boy scout camp (I have pictures of her in that boyscout uniform, they are hilarious) and had to work, so I ended up going with a bunch of friends instead. Other performers there that year were The Indigo Girls, Erika Badu, Natalie Merchant and Sinead O’Connor. I would have gladly traded Erika and Sinead for Emmy Lou Harris and Bonnie Raitt. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Spookiest Song: The Rhyme Intervention featuring 4th Pyramid, C-Rayz Walz, because this was on the list last week, and I said then that was going to delete it from the pod. I may need to rethink that, as I believe it’s trying to tell me something!

Best Album: The I Am Sam soundtrack. An entire album of really well done Beatles covers. I love it. I had a phase, from ages 9 to 13, where I was completely, totally and utterly obsessed with the Beatles.

Other weird shit in this Random Friday: Two albums make two appearances. That’s pretty impressive, considering we’re dealing with 4779 songs. The Mississippi Studios Live album is one from a recording studio where my sister (my lovely, talented sister) works. It’s a pretty neat assortment.

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0 thoughts on “Random Friday–The snowy day edition

  1. howard

    Wait, I kind of like the FTE album from Sarah McLachlan (quite a bit, in fact).

    Does that make me a woman?

    Actually, it probably started with a girl I knew in college (this is from the old days) who for some reason reminded me of that song “Ice Cream.” And yes, there was a crush involved.


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