Birthing a new phase

I left work yesterday, spaced out and ready to get home. In the first block of the 15 it takes me to return to my neighborhood, I heard someone pounding a car window and yelling. Stopping short, I bent down and realized I was looking into the eyes of my friend Shay, who was leaning over the passenger seat of her car in her attempt to get my attention.

I had been thinking about Shay all day long, because she started a new phase of her life today, one that took a lot of courage, fearlessness and trust in the universe. A month ago she gave notice at the job she’d had for almost five years, in order to go back to grad school full time and finish the MLS she’d been working on part time. Last fall we were sitting in Rittenhouse Square with tea and snacks, talking about life, the future and our attempts to change our lives, when I suggested she go for it. I remember telling her that she could do it, that if it felt right then she could make it happen. And now she has.

Shay was sitting there in her car, gathering her things to go to her first class as a full time grad student as I walked by. We hugged and stood on the corner talking for ten minutes, before she had to get to class. There was a feeling of rightness, of completeness in our encounter. I had been there with her at the conception of this phase of her life, and by lucky chance I got to be present at the birth as well.

Shay, I can’t tell you how proud I am that you’ve taken this leap and are working towards this goal with your all. This is just the beginning of many wonderful things to come.

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  1. Sandra

    What a wonderful opportunity to finish something that she started. I to would love to even get started on my MLS, but having children and marriage has put that off for awhile. Good luck to your friend!


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