Philly Future Run Off Poll

I was never on the Homecoming or Prom Court, I wasn’t elected May Fete Queen (although I have to admit, I was on the court that time) or Rose Princess. But today, I have another chance at being Philly Future’s featured blog. The weekend’s poll to determine the next featured blog resulted in a tie between me and the Green Bleeder. There is now a run-off poll up, that will close tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 pm. So, if it isn’t too much trouble, I’m asking that you go and vote for me again. Thank you for helping making my dreams of finally winning a popularity contest come true.

0 thoughts on “Philly Future Run Off Poll

  1. Ellen

    I see the tentative results have you ahead!! This was the 1st Philly Future vote (x2 due to the tie) I voted it so it’s cool to see the blog I voted for tentatively (holding breath & crossing fingers) win!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ellen

    the counter is acting like it counted by post but isn’t showing it – so if this repeats a sentiment – my apologies – but Congrats on the tentative win – am glad to see a blog I really like (and of course voted for x2) get a win my 1st philly future voting round out!


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