Raina Rose is 24

My sister was born on February 3rd, 1982. Several weeks before she was born, my two and a half year old self suggested to my very pregnant mom that we paint the baby’s room black, despite the fact that there was no baby’s room, just the room that I would share with the impending sibling. It’s like I knew what was coming, that my perfect, only-child existence was about to change forever.

What was coming was an exuberant, loud, loving, mischievous, temperamental, talented, smart, creative, loyal, beautiful, curly-haired girl named Raina. She has made my life more difficult, but also deeply more joyful. I am grateful every day that she is in my world.

When she was turning three, she had angelic blond curls, and a speech impediment. She would tell everyone that she would be “Swee on da sword.” People made her repeat it over and over again, until she would be shouting, “I awrwedy towed you!”

These days, Raina is out there on the road, chasing her dream to become someone who makes their living making music. I am in awe of her talent and drive, and I love her very much.

Happy Birthday, Rainy!

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  1. rainy

    that is so freakin sweet of you! cept for that chubby picture of me with mom 🙂
    no worries though!
    i love you very very much meece!


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