Random Friday

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another Random Friday Ten. The rules are simple, set your iPod or other electronic music devise to shuffle and see what shows up. No omissions, deletions or exceptions allowed.

1. Stay Loose, Belle and Sebastian (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
2. The Kind of Bedside Manor, Barenaked Ladies (Gordon)
3. Today, Jefferson Airplane (Live at the Fillmore East)
4. You Will Be My Ain True Love, Allison Krauss (Cold Mountain)
5. Fire and Rain, James Taylor (Greatest Hits)
6. Wayfaring Stranger, Mo Mack (New and Used Tunes)
7. Ballad of a Thin Man, Bob Dylan (Before the Flood)
8. The Hudsons, Dar Williams (My Better Self)
9. Happy New Year, Original Broadway Cast (Rent)
10. Mirage, Santana (The Essential Santana)

Favorite Song: Fire and Rain by the great James Taylor. I got a cd player for Christmas when I was in the 6th grade (it was 1990, I was one of the first kids to have one. My parents, well, actually my dad really, were always very good about providing us with good sound systems). My parents let me sign up for the fairly new Columbia House cd club, and I ordered my first ten cds. One was James Taylor’s Greatest Hits. I’ve loved it ever since.

Personal Connection: This one is easy. Mo Mack is my dad (I was the only kid in my elementary school to have a father with a stage name). He’s been playing music since he was 13 or 14, when his older brothers pushed a guitar into his hands and told him to learn, because they needed someone to play rhythm. Because of my dad, I was the only 3rd grader listening to the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, the Coasters, Buddy Holly and the Beatles. He gave an amazing gift from a young age, which was an appreciation for music and the roots from which our modern stuff springs.

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  1. Barb

    There have been many reports about the damage that iPod’s are doing to the ear drums of people who turn up the volume too high. There was just one such report yesterday. The prediction is that loud listeners will have the hearing of 70 year olds by the time they are 40. So listen and enjoy but keep the sound down. Of course this applies to all extreme noise and gives poignancy to the expression “ear shattering.”

  2. howard

    Always loved “Fire and Rain” — probably since I was barely walking (all those early childhood memories seem to fit with some sort of music — Jim Croce was another one like that…)

    Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard — you’re in the latest featured blog poll. Feel free to vote for yourself, or shamelessly self-promote yourself to others.


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