0 thoughts on “Some of the good stuff

  1. Kristen Stoner

    Hey!!! so, I just realized that the reason I haven’t been getting email from UYAAN is that they were all going into my hotmail “junk” folder. and I miss you guys!!! so now that I figured that one out, I’m going to see you all again soon at some fun, upcoming Unitarian event, as soon as I figure out when they are :>) CONGRATS on getting the feature blog spot. you totally deserve it! – Kristen Stoner

  2. Katey Schultz

    did you know i interviewed michael feldman of that radio show when he came to walla walla? yup, that was my “big break” in reporting. personally, i liked interviewing dave and tracy way better. besides, i was SO NERVOUS with michael….now you’ve got me thinking. that could be a nice little chapter in my memoir vignettes book. a silly one, about nervousness and writing and breaking in…


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