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To all of you who voted in the Philly Future Featured Blog Poll, a big thank you! As of right now I am the tentative winner, but final results have not been posted.

A few things I learned through this process:

My ability to stay on good terms with ex-boyfriends, former babysitting charges (and their mothers), cousins I haven’t seen in years and parental business associates is to my benefit.

When I ask my father for help in the future, I must be prepared for his competitive side to come out. God forbid I ever run for an elected office.

There are many more people with whom I share blood reading this blog today than there were three days ago.

I have an expansive network of people in the world who care about me and wish me well.

I don’t care about winning nearly as much as I do about the experience I have along the way.

Many thanks again to you all!

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  1. Harfijah

    Yippee! You won! Manuel and I cast our votes in time yesterday and it looks as if every vote counted! Thanks for writing Marisa. Your pinch pie one reminds me of the time your family made me pinch pie for my birthday. It was one of the most memorable birthdays ever. I love your family and for a little while I felt adopted by them when I really needed it most. Thanks mom and dad! Oh, and the grandpa Phil story, though I’ve heard it in your mom’s kitchen before, it’s still a tear jerker and makes one believe that maybe God is listening to the real important stuff.

  2. Marisa

    Thanks guys! I haven’t won anything since I ran for assembly commissioner in high school, so I had forgotten what it felt like. Pretty good, actually!


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