Is spilling oatmeal onto your birthday bad luck?

My calendar has been lying on my desk all morning, open (by some unrelated scheduling) to the week of my birthday. With one of my classically uncoordinated moves, I reached for my spoon, scooped up a mound of oatmeal from the bowl also sitting on my desk and then inadvertently dumped the entire spoonful into the calendar. Right onto May 14th (which is, in fact, my 27th birthday).

I’m hoping that this is not a bad omen.

0 thoughts on “Is spilling oatmeal onto your birthday bad luck?

  1. the birthday genie

    That would be the ancient, yet little, known oatmeal birthday blessing. The oatmeal dump means that all your domestic wishes will come true during this next birthday year and that home
    happiness is a sure thing in whatever manner you desire it. It is similar to finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only messier


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