Poop for Peace Day

Tonight while checking my blog stats (I admit it, I compulsively check where people are coming from, how many people have stopped by and for how long they stayed), I discovered that someone found my blog by googling the phrase “Does papaya make you poo?” It turns out that mine is the very first website that turns up in response to that question (it became so when I posted the Papaya and Prunes entry a couple of weeks ago).

I mentioned this to my mom tonight on the phone, to which she responded,

“Speaking of bowel movements, did you know that today is Poop for Peace Day?”

I was forced to admit ignorance. She told me that evidentially, someone out there realized that the one thing we all (and I mean all) of us have in common is our need to poop and that that very basic human function could be used to unite us all.

After we got off the phone, I went and looked up Poop for Peace Day and found their website. They say:

Think of the children of Iraq and the children of America. Think of Bush and Blair and Hussein and bin Laden, and think about the fact the twelve hours following Taco Bell are going to unfold for each of them in the exact same way. Think about how our differences are irrelevant — we’re all human beings. Our poop proves it. Empathy through excrement. Brotherhood through bowel movement. Utopia through undulating butt pythons. Today, April 14, 2006, war is over — if you grunt it.

I realize that there only a very few minutes left of April 14th, but I felt the need to stand from my own little soapbox and let you all know about the uniqueness of today. It’s just the kind of disgustingly awesome idea I can get behind.

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