Random Friday–I'll take the blues for 100

It’s Friday (last Friday of April no less, it’s hard to believe that 1/3 of 2006 is now past) and that means it’s time for another set of Random Friday music. The rules are simple (and you probably have them memorized by now, but for the new kids), set your iPod or other, less cool, digital music devise a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten (or 11) songs that it spits out. There is no skipping, rearranging, omitted, excusing or obfuscating allowed. You picked this music, so stand tall.

1. Section 12 (Hold Me Now), The Polyphonic Spree (UO Sampler #14)
2. Visions of Johanna, Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde)
3. Not Fire, Not Ice, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals (Live from Mars)
4. Oops Upside Your Head, The Gap Band (Pure Disco)
5. Rocket 88, The Jimmy Cotton Blues Band (Best of the Chicago Blues)
6. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Rufus Wainwright (Poses)
7. Never Leave Your Heart Alone, Butterfly Boucher (Flutterby)
8. Finest Lovin’ Man, Bonnie Raitt (Bonnie Raitt)
9. Amazing Grace, Rachael Davis (Live in Bremen, Germany)
10. Morning Morgantown, Joni Mitchell (Ladies of the Canyon)

Favorite Song: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright. This song has an appealingly simple melody and talks about the things that you love that are bad for you. How could I not love it?

Favorite Album: Bonnie Raitt. For those of you who only know Bonnie Raitt as the contemporary rock, “Let’s Give ‘Em Somthing to Talk About” crooner, then you must check out this album. This is Bonnie as her slide-guitar-playing, blues-wailing, heart-broken best. It’s a thousand miles from the stuff she’s done in recent years, and every time I listen to it I regret the path she’s taken, because it’s led her away from this kind of music.

Seen Live: Polyphonic Spree (that was the best live show I’ve seen in my life), Ben Harper, Rufus Wainwright and Rachael Davis.

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