Random Friday–In the last few minutes of Friday

My schedule today was different from the norm, and so I haven’t gotten a chance to get my Random Friday Ten up until just now. But I can’t let a Friday go by without setting my pod to shuffle and reporting back the first ten songs it spits out, now can I? The rules are simple (you can skip this part if you already know then). Share the ten songs without skipping, omitting, subtracting or rationalizing anything. Be proud of your eclectic tastes.

1. Shining Star, Earth, Wind and Fire (Best of Earth, Wind and Fire)
2. Everyone Here Wants You, Jeff Buckley (Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk)
3. Back Around, Ani DiFranco (Puddle Dive)
4. Stop Me, Shelby Lynne (Epic Recordings)
5. Any Day, Ani DiFranco (Puddle Dive)
6. Uncle John’s Band, The Grateful Dead (Working Man’s Dead)
7. It’s Only Love, The Beatles (Help)
8. On a Plain, Nirvana (Nevermind)
9. Money, Lovin’ Spoonful (Lovin’ Spoonful Anthology)
10. A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free, Elliott Smith (From a Basement on a Hill)

Favorite Song: Shining Star. I’ve especially enjoyed Earth, Wind and Fire since I learned by watching the movie Baadasssss that they really took off as a band by providing the music for Marvin Van Peebles movie Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. A couple of years ago, I was at a free screening for the movie Bewitched and they gave people prizes for getting up before the movie and performing Earth, Wind and Fire songs. It had absolutely nothing to do with the movie, but was deeply entertaining. It’s amazing what people will do for a plastic keychain.

Favorite Album: Help! In my heart and mind, the Beatles always win. Always.

Seen Live: Ani DiFranco (two years ago at Appel Farms) and Elliott Smith (right before he died, at the Troc).

Personal Connections: Elliott Smith, he’s from Portland, and went to my high school, although not at the same time as I did.

Other Thoughts: I’m slightly weirded out by the fact that two songs from Puddle Dive showed up. What’s even stranger is that I continued listening to this shuffle for awhile, and another song from that album popped up, at position 14 or 15. I guess the pod like Ani.

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0 thoughts on “Random Friday–In the last few minutes of Friday

  1. howard

    Well, your pod and I have at least one thing in common. But aside from Ani, I also dig the Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, though they’re among the class of artists that always make me a little sad at times.

  2. Luna

    I like Earth Wind and fire…somewhere (got one of their cd’s around xmas but I have no idea of where I left it…I’ll have to add it soon to my pod


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