Random Friday–The Evening Edition

I’m about twelve hours late with my Random Friday Ten today, but I do have an excuse. I spent all of today in a workshop. I went back to my office around 4:30 pm, just to check email and finish up a few things, and was there until almost 7 pm (I really don’t understand when I became responsible, but suddenly, there it was). I got home and collapsed and just came to a little while ago. But it doesn’t feel like Friday without a Random Ten, so here we go.

You know the rules, but for the sake of the game here they are. Set your pod or other, less popular, digital music devise a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten songs it fishes out of it’s murky depths. All those who play take an oath to neither skip nor omit songs due to their less favored or humiliating statuses.

1. Out of Range, Ani DiFranco (Out of Range)
2. Can’t Hang, Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon (Sixty Six Steps)
3. Marilyn, Dan Bern (Dan Bern)
4. Plane, Jason Mraz (Mr. A-Z)
5. The Diner, Ani DiFranco (Out of Range)
6. You Had Time, Ani DiFranco (Out of Range)
7. Lay Your Hands On Me, The Thompson Twins (Living in Oblivion)
8. When You Come Back To Me, World Party (Reality Bites Soundtrack)
9. Are You Ready?, Sly and the Family Stone (The Essential Sly and the Family Stone)
10. Oh Daddy, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)

Initial Thoughts: I’m beginning to think that my iPod has a crush on Ani DiFranco. Almost every week it pulls at least one song of her’s out, but what are the chances that three from the same album show up? Freaky. (I do realize that it can only produce what I’ve put on there, and there is lots of Ani, but three songs!). I also find it interesting that just this week I was having a conversation with Shay about Reality Bites, and here a song from the soundtrack shows up. Never underestimate the power of the mind over the pod.

Favorite Song: I have always loved the song The Diner by Ani. It starts out with the clinking, busy sounds of a coffee shop that slowly grow more rhythmic until they form music.

Favorite Album: The Essential Sly and the Family Stone. Sly can pull me out of a foul mood faster than just about anything else in the world (although Chuck Berry holds a similar power over me). I’m a sucker for old funk, have been ever since my Uncle Andy gave me a plastic shoppin bag filled with the cassette tapes he made in the 70’s designed for play at parties. They were all funk, and they are terrific.

The rest of the Random Friday spinners:

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As always, if you have a list up, and would like some link love, let me know.

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