At the table with my insecurities

Last night, in the space between sleep and awake I had a moment of lucid imagination.  I saw myself walking into a room of women.  One woman had a stomach that stuck a good three feet out in front of her, while another was dowdily dressed, meek and timid.  One had facial features that were wildly out of proportion and yet another, dressed in severe business clothes and pointy high heels, kept coming up to me and asking, “Who are you?  Do I know you?  What is it that you do?”

There was a conference table in the room, and watched as the representative of myself in the scene invited all these women to sit down.

Just as we were gathering, my conscious self rose to the top and the scene went foggy.  As I processed what I had just experienced, I started to laugh and then rolled over to grab a notepad in order to write it all down.  Each one of these women either represented an insecurity I possess or was there to help me experience an insecurity.  I felt gifted to have gotten a chance to sit down with them and I only wish I could have had more time in that space to interact and hopefully discharge them.

Kinda kooky, I admit.

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  1. Lolie

    But you were the one facilitating all of these insecurities; you were the lady in charge! That is a really empowering dream!

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