Swimming in soup and other bits

My favorite six-month-old in the world took a half hour nap on my chest yesterday afternoon while I drank tea with her mom and another friend.

18 people had dinner in my apartment last night.

This afternoon a vendor at the Italian Market refuse one of my dollar bills, because it had a corner ripped off.  I had just gotten it down the street at another merchant.

In the last 24 hours, I have made approximately 2 gallons of chicken soup.  Most of it from scratch.

I have just reset all my clocks backwards an hour, including my bedside one, which I always keep exactly six minutes fast.

I’m about to disappear into a short story that’s due Monday evening, so chances are that there will be nothing but silence from me until Tuesday.  Please send creative, inspired thoughts my way.

0 thoughts on “Swimming in soup and other bits

  1. Marisa

    It was about a square inch out of one corner. It certainly didn’t render the dollar void, but he absolutely refused to take it. It was very obnoxious.

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