Loud salads and quiet rooms

Salad II

One of my favorite things about not having a job is being home for lunch. Yesterday I made braised swiss chard and quinoa. Today I made a huge bowl salad with Boston lettuce, feta, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato and red onion. It was really good.

I met up with some friends during the afterwork hour tonight to attend a meditation circle. I’ve sat with this group three times now, and each time has been lovely. The sensation of being intentionally quiet with a room full of people all doing the same is charged and heady. I find myself looking forward to the group each week with the same level of desire and anticipation I feel when I’m preparing for a trip home to Portland. Luckily, meditation doesn’t cost nearly as much as a plane ticket.

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  1. Ellen

    Did anyone ever tell you how incredible you are at food porn? I don’t even like onoin or tomatoes and that’s still one stunning pic to me.


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