Still snotty, but on the mend

I’m finally feeling better, an event for which I am very grateful. I forget how unfun being sick is, especially during times when you are responsible for getting things done regardless of how you feel. It almost makes me miss the times when I was working and had sick days, and could watch crappy TV for a day without guilt or my inner voice preaching, “You should really try to get something done now.”

I’m working on a piece for my journalism class right now about how white men who work blue collar jobs are abandoning the Republican party for the first time since the Reagan years. I’ve done a bunch of interviews in prepartion for it and it feels like it should be a fun thing to write, but I’m finding it very slow going. I keep trying to remind myself that to start out with I just need to tell a story. I can go back a little later and add the data, the facts and figures. But still, I’m struggling a little. I know it will come together, but this is one of those moments when I wish I had an internal lever controlled the flow of words and images from my brain to my fingertips. At this moment it would turned on full blast.

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