Random Friday–And For This Kind of Happy

I’ve been a little spotty in my Random Friday participation of late, but I’m trying to get back on track, because it is fun. You know the drill: 1. set iPod to shuffle, 2. report back the first ten songs.

1. Walking Blues, Bonnie Raitt (Bonnie Raitt)
2. Old Dan Tucker, Bruce Springsteen (We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions)
3. Wild Horse, Deb Talen (Something Burning)
4. The Belly and the Beast, Anais Mitchell (Hymns for the Exiled)
5. And For This, Rachel Ries (For You Only)
6. This Kind of Happy, Iris Dement (The Way I Should Be)
7. November, Duncan Sheik (Duncan Sheik)
8. I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono, Dar Williams (The Green World)
9. Nettie Moore, Bob Dylan (Modern Times)
10. Daybreaker, Beth Orton (Daybreaker)

Favorite Song: I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono by Dar Williams. I love the introduction she gives this one on her live album, because she talks about how she feels that Yoko gave up a lot of her artistic energy to John Lennon when she married him. It’s a call to never surrender your ability to create, and I respect that.

Favorite Album: Bonnie Raitt. This was her first album and my favorite out of all she’s done. It is raw and rough and deeply bluesy and love it.

Seen Live: Dar Williams is the only one this time around, although I have seen her with both a full band and by her lonesome. She’s great either way. I’d really love to see Iris Dement sometime as she’s a quirky and creative songwriter with a great voice.

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4 thoughts on “Random Friday–And For This Kind of Happy

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  4. Lola

    Well, I only just got my ipod so I think there’s just about ten songs on it. All from one album too. Not so good for this game. Ach well, next time. Lx


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