Random Friday–No Hard Times

Set your pod a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten songs. No omitting, skipping or justifying allowed. Be proud of your eclectic tastes!

1. Give It Up, Amos Lee (Amos Less)
2. You’ll Never Be The Sun, Harris, Parton & Ronstadt (Trio II)
3. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, McFadden & Whitehead (Boogie Nights)
4. Sullen Girl, Fiona Apple (Tidal)
5. Got To Give It Up, Marvin Gaye (Boogie Nights)
6. Whippin’ That Old T.B., Jimmie Rodgers (Jimmie Rodgers 1932: No Hard Times)
7. Ruins, Melissa Etheridge (Yes I Am)
8. The Cool, Cool River, Paul Simon (1964-1993)
9. You Can Call Me Al, Paul Simon (1964-1993)
10. Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show (World Cafe Live)

Somehow, out of the 6,945 songs on my iPod, this set managed to spit out two from Paul Simon’s box set and two from the Boogie Nights soundtrack. Something odd is afoot. It’s always a kick to have Jimmie Rodgers show up, as no one yodels like him. His is some of the music of my childhood, experienced through the filter of my dad playing guitar in the living room on Saturday mornings, just before Raina and I teased him into making pancakes.

Out of this set, I have seen numbers 1 and 10 live, and both were some of the best live music I’ve experienced in my years of concert going. I would see either again in a heartbeat.

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  5. Anthony

    I got two from the same artist, but not the same set. My list has Dave Matthews and Gov’t Mule on it, which are also great bands to see live and have been some of the best concert experiences of my life.


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