Random Friday–In the attics of my life

1. Hills and Hollers – Adrienne Young (The Art of Virtue)

2. Attics of my Life – Grateful Dead (American Beauty)

3. The Trouble with Love – Maria Muldaur (Meet Me at Midnight)

4. Wrecking Ball – Gillian Welch (World Cafe Old Crow Medicine Show)

5. Sweet Baby James – James Taylor (Sweet Baby James)

6. Fire and Rain – Jonatha Brooke (Back in the Circus)

7. Downtown – Chris Thile & Bryan Sutton (Chris Thile & Bryan Sutton Telluride)

8. Girl – Beck (Guero)

9. In the Waiting Line – Zero 7 (Garden State)

10. Hold On – Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

Song that I knew every word to from the age of 11: Sweet Baby James by James Taylor. I started my love affair with JT at a young age, when I began borrowing the cassette tapes my mom made from LPs in the early 1970’s. I would pop those tapes into the tape player that came in my clock radio (it was pastel pink, blue and gray) and rock out in my little bedroom. They migrated to my car when I was in my late teens and I still have them even now, in a plastic container under the bookshelf in my living room. Her handwriting on the labels is deeply familiar although still just a little foreign, as she stopped writing the letter ‘e’ like that sometime before I was born.

Artist that I discovered through my dad: Maria Muldaur. Towards the end of my freshman year in college, I sent a plantive email to my dad, asking him to introduce me to some new music (I realize that most 18 year olds would ask their friends, but I’ve always trusted my dad’s taste in music). He sent me a cluster of old tapes (of the same vintage as the James Taylor ones I mentioned above) and Maria Muldaur’s “Waitress in a Donut Shop” was one of them. There’s something about her
voice that I still find appealing, even now.

Favorite moment in the set: The fact that Jonatha Brooke’s cover of Fire and Rain appeared directly after a James Taylor song, as it was his originally.

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  3. Eric

    Ah, the Garden State soundtrack. Always fantastic.

    The Last Kiss soundtrack is also quite lovely. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a movie soundtrack that had Braff in the film.

    Well, except Chicken Little.

    Not that I own that or anything…

  4. Marisa

    Howard–Interesting that we both had the original artist and then a cover of one of their tunes. And I love that I’m the special guest haiku today!

    Eric–The Garden State soundtrack is a good one and I’ve heard positive things about The Last Kiss (although I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet). Hmm, Chicken Little, huh? Somehow, I think there’s something you’re not sharing here.

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  6. kb

    The Last Kiss soundtrack is worth owning, if only for Cary Brothers’ “Ride”. I don’t know why he isn’t huge yet.


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