Taking time to lay in the grass

I spent some time in a community garden plot that belongs to some friends this weekend, gushing over the abundance of fresh herbs.  It reminded me how much better my life is when I spend a little time outside, in the company of trees, grass and air.

Today, feeling stressed and in need of some calming, I decided to take advantage of the green space that is just a block from me.  I walked over to Rittenhouse Square, found a shady spot in the grass that wasn’t too damp, and stretched out. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the city noises.  I found that just being in contact with ground made me relax, and I could feel the tension I’ve been carrying in my lower back start to escape.

I lay there, breathing and enjoying the coolness of the grass against my neck, until I felt some wetness smack my forehead and run down into my hair.  I took it as a sign that it was time to get up (I’m still not sure what it was–an errant raindrop?  bird urine?), but the feeling of general wellbeing that I acquired from 30 minutes of doing nothing while laying in the grass has stayed with me all day long.

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