New-old flatware lends a needed boost

I’ve been sort of struggling lately.  I’ve taken on a lot and I’m finding that writing for pay, doing my school work and still having time to relax, is hard.  A couple of nights ago, I was on the phone with my mom, talking about how overwhelmed I was and she said, “Just find one thing that makes you happy, even if it’s small.”  We got off the phone a few minutes later, and I didn’t really think too much about her comment.  Until I found myself in the kitchen about half an hour later, switching out the silverware in the utensil drawer.

I have this set of really nice stainless steel Dansk flatware that belonged to my grandparents.  I’ve always liked it, but have never used it, thinking it should be saved for good.  I took out last Saturday night to use with friends, and on Sunday as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I started thinking about fun it was to use this nice flatware (as opposed to the also-nice, but very familiar and sort of battered silverware that also belonged to my grandparents).  So I took all the old stuff out of the drawer, put the shiny “new” stuff in and called my mom to tell her that I had found something that made me happy.

Crazy part is that several days later it continues to make me happy.  I never realized just how often I go into that utensil drawer and how many forks and spoons I use over the course of the day.  I love reaching in and find these nicely shaped items as they makes eating very pleasant (not that I particularly need incentive to eat, but still).

6 thoughts on “New-old flatware lends a needed boost

  1. Lolie

    I know just how you feel! We got new flatware as a wedding gift, and it makes me happy every time I open the drawer! Good for you for finding a simple thing that makes you smile.

  2. Diane

    How nice that you are getting so much pleasure from things your grandparents once owned. I hope that someday, my grandchildren will use the things that I used and treasured and think of me.

  3. raina rose

    i love that you are happy! i feel like i don’t even need to make some goofy comment/jab about flatware…i really don’t need to say anything at all, and you know that i am giggling at you and your cuteness. it’s like the bandaids in your nurse nancy book, i always wanted to use them cuz they were just bandaids, and you were much happier just knowing that they were there, antique and untouched.
    i love my sister

  4. Philly Chit Chat

    Very nice story. I think using something that your grandparents prided themselves on special occassions, and now you using it everyday is the connection. They brought out the silverware for the ones they loved and the karma of that love is on the shine of the Dansk fork, knives and spoons.

  5. Colin Devroe

    I’ve found myself in this very same situation and, coincidentally, I’ve also found myself able to turn my attitude around by being happy about “little things” as well.

    One thing that makes me happy, when it comes to things in the kitchen, is my porcelain enamel cast-iron pot and now I have a new “best recipe” book that – I can’t even tell you – has my happiness meter turned to 11.


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