Blog Appreciation

Lately, my blogging around these parts has been nothing more than the digital equivalent of a lick and a promise. I dash in, quickly write a brief summary of what I’ve been up to lately, offer pictures instead of prose and run out again. I imagine the blog feels a little like my mother did when I was in high school and essentially only came home to sleep, eat and shower.

I’ve been spending a little time looking at my life lately and realized that despite the inner turmoil I’m dealing with on a daily basis about what happens when I graduate in December, things are looking pretty good. And most of it has stemmed from this blog in some way. I originally started the blog as a place to write about my search for work that made me happy. In the process of writing about my pursuit of a path, I discovered that the pursuit was turning into the path. Then I started to write about food and it all started to click.

So many of the friends I have these days first entered my life through blogger events (meetups and BlogPhilly, mostly). Without blogging, I wouldn’t have become friends with Scott and never would have starting making Fork You (I like to think that we’re making the world a better place for eaters, one recipe at a time). I even found love through blogging, short-lived thought it was.

All of this is to say that I appreciate my blog (and it’s steadfast readers. Hi mom!) and all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had because of it. I appreciate my life. And despite the uncertainty I feel about what happens next in life, I’m happy to have walked this path and to be here now.

3 thoughts on “Blog Appreciation

  1. Frank

    What are you going to do when you graduate in December? Is writing in the cards? Journalism? Have you been talking to companies?

    If you want, send me a note. I know a few people in the city.

  2. Colin Devroe

    I feel the same as you and I wish I blogged a lot more than I do.

    I, like Scott, am happy that we met and have become good friends. I believe we first met at a WordPress/Blogging Meetup at Ten Stone in April of 2006? So while our friendship is yet still very young – I’m very happy to be able to call you a friend.

    BTW. Your blog is one that, when I see a new post appear in my feed reader, I stop everything I am doing and focus. 🙂


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