Christmas gratitude

Christmas Ornament

I hope that everyone out there had as wonderful a Christmas as the one my family had today.  It was intentionally light on presents, but overflowing with an abundance of love.  We cooked and ate together, and a dinner that was originally planned for seven expanded to feed eleven.  And the fridge is still overflowing with leftovers.  I feel grateful for family I was lucky enough to be born to as well for all the friends who are our chosen family.  May all holidays be as good as this one.

4 thoughts on “Christmas gratitude

  1. nika

    What a great post. I seriously have to thank you for turning me onto the Orion cooker. I used it to smoke a 15lb turkey at my parents. My whole extended family is in love with the cooker after eating the turkey!

  2. Erin

    It’s not Christmas anymore but I’m finally perusing your blog via raina’s page. My husband and I really enjoyed spendingtimewith your family for Christmas,and we were very honored to have been invited. I was wonderingif I could get the recipe forthe vanilla-orange sweet potatoes, I’ve been craving them!


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